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Care and Maintenance

When you have a high-quality leather handbag, it's an investment and you want your investment to last. There are a few simple things that you can do to make your handbag stay looking brand new.


  • It’s important to apply leather conditioner in order to keep the leather from drying out. Our all-natural leather conditioner or leather cream applied on a regular basis will nourish the leather and keep the stitch areas from drying out.
  • Do not put leather bags in a tightly sealed, plastic bag. Any container should be able to ventilate. It is encouraged to place leather goods in the provided dust bag when not in use to preserve their pristine condition.

  • Try not to place leather bags on wet floors, or scrape them across rough surfaces. Always pick up a bag using both handles (unless it only has one). Make sure when traveling that any containers that have liquid inside are in a second container to avoid spilling into the bag.

  • Never put a bag that has become wet in a dark place to dry. Mold can become an issue and cause weakness. Allow leather goods to air dry before putting them away.

  • When putting products in direct sunlight for long periods of time you risk drying out the leather or having the color fade.

  • Leather goods should be brought to professional leather cleaner when you need a thorough cleaning or difficult stains removed. Our Chinyere Ugoji Leather Cleaner is recommended for light dirt and stain removal and to provide a clean leather surface before applying leather conditioner. Household cleaners and sprays should be avoided as they can potentially stain leather.

More On Our Leather Care System ...
We take pride in the fact that our Chinyere Ugoji leather maintenance products are handcrafted by a family owned business right here in the U.S.A.  The formulas contain only all-natural ingredients.



 We use a specially formulated blend of natural seed oils, lipids and beeswax - nothing more.  Regular use will restore, protect and provide water resistance  your leather bag. Our recipe is simple, food grade, all natural and effective. When it comes to leather care less is more, as the two main goals are deeply conditioning and providing surface protection and waterproofing.

Before Applying:

Use a small amount of Chinyere Ugoji Leather Cleaner before applying conditioning products.

Chinyere Ugoji Leather Cream and Leather Conditioner is ideally suited for all types of leather. However, it will darken the color initially once it is absorbed by the leather. Black and dark brown leathers are only slightly affected. For lighter colors, suede and nubuck the color will darken and then lighten over time as the Cream is absorbed into the leather. It is advised to test this color difference in an inside seam or other hidden location to assure that you are comfortable with the color variation, if there is any. Allow 48 hours for drying to determine color fastness.

While Applying:

To maintain the luxurious look and feel of the leather, we recommend light applications as leather is sensitive to saturation. Apply in even amounts with circular motions, using a pad or cloth to avoid streaking. It is better to apply a small amount twice than it is to apply an initial heavy application.

After Applying

Proper application will provide additional protection against liquids and water staining, surface scratches and scuffing, stiffness and wear-related damage. Conditioning every 6 to 12 months will significantly increase the life of your leather.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions you may have at  chinyere@ugoji.com.