Handbags With A built-In Touch Light *Free Shipping

Our Brand


Our Mission

The Chinyere Ugoji ™  brand combines modern luxury with style, function and innovation to help simplify life for today’s mobile woman.  We use the word "luxury" not to imply status or mystique, but to define the craftsmanship and value inherent in our bags.


The Inspiration   

Chinyere Ugoji is inspired by the streets of New York City as seen through the lens of a working woman. Her aesthetic is focused on clean, modern lines with keen attention to detail.


The Challenge

Viewing the contents of your designer handbag in dark or dimly lit areas. Theatres, dining out, fumbling for your phone, or searching for your house keys at night.


The Solution

 "Luxury Illuminated"

Chinyere Ugoji ™ designer handbags (with the exception of our smaller leather goods) feature a leather concealed touch light. Simply tap or swipe your finger over the customized, built-in leather pocket to turn the light on or off. The flexible light can be used to illuminate both the interior and exterior of your bag.

Further functionality includes easy-to-access, designer compartments for laptops and other mobile electronic devices.

Patent pending.